Davis Pest Control provides the best and most secure pest treatment for rodents, we know that rodents are a big issue in homes, and they need to be treated as soon as possible. We have found many types of rodents in the Ipswich, Springfield and Raceview suburbs and provided the best treatment possible for the concerned properties. Rats and mice can cause noteworthy damages to your home, they can also leave out foul animal droppings. Rodents are capable of carrying around harmful diseases and are also likely to spread illnesses.

Rats are very much creatures of habitat, tending to use the same directions of travel to and from food sources for as long as possible. Mice on the other hand, although seeming to uphold a high gradation of awareness in their movement, are very inquisitive and exploratory animals.

We use ‘baites’ and bait station to attract rodents, so that they can gnaw on the chemical in the box, and will then flee from the property and will cease in breathing. Davis Pest Control also uses rodent traps to capture rodents. A multi-pest covered glue trap can be used to monitor for mice.
Roof Rats
Roof Rats also known as Black Rats, damage furniture by gnawing on them, and carry harmful diseases. This rat has large eyes, and have the capability of jumping long distances. Davis Pest Control have successfully treated Roof Rats in Springfield and in Ipswich.

House Mouse
House Mouses are olive brown in colour, and measure up to 7cm long and are nocturnal creatures, and are known for their significant amount of animal droppings. Davis Pest Control uses the best method at the cheapest price available for customers.

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