Fleas are popular pests that are situated in homes that hold pets like dogs, cats and other pets. They are very small pests that are a domestic nuisance and carries harmful diseases. Fleas can also be carried on especially hairy animals like dogs. Pets can also get allergies, rashes and itches from fleas, it is important to treat fleas as soon as possible. When climatic conditions are favourable to the fleas, they can result in huge population.

How to identify Fleas
If pets look they are uncomfortable and have a new habit of biting or constantly scratching their fur, it is a sign of fleas infesting on their skin. They are 2mm long and have a reddy-brown texture. Their antennae’s are very small and short. Also keep your eye open for small black droppings and flea eggs on your pets fur.

There are many type of moths, some of which include clothe moths, pantry moths and carpet moths. They are always on the run for wool and food. Moths concession from an animal family similar to butterflies, but moths progressed long before butterflies. Moths are capable of carrying diseases. They also have veracious appetites. Have two pairs of wings covered with overlapping scales.

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