Spiders are from an animal family called the ‘Arachnid Family’. There are about 35,000 types of species in Australia. Most spiders are nocturnal. These creatures are attracted to warm, dark spaces, corners and cracks in walls. Some spiders can also carry harmful toxic venom. They are effortlessly recognisable by their eight legs, and small appearances, however some spiders are immense in size and can contain venom. In Queensland, there are many types of spiders, these include: Funnel Web Spider, Black House Spider, Garden Orb-Weaving Spider, St Andrews Cross Spider, White-Tailed Spider, Mouse Spider, Common House Spider and the Redback Spider and many more. Davis Pest Control uses spider blanket spray around the house and outside the house. This prevents spiders from entering the house and the property.

It is important to stay away from spiders because it is difficult to determine if the spider is venomous or not, Davis Pest Control provides some tips to reduce getting bitten by spiders, these include: Wearing gloves when gardening, wearing enclosed footwear and to be alert for wandering male funnel web spiders.

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