Ants are pests that are looking to get their hands on any type of food, as professional pest controllers, we strive to eradicate the ants from the concerned properties. There are about 1,300 known species of ants in Australia. All ants prefer warm weather and our environments is very comfortable for ants to thrive. They are attracted to any type of food especially sugary items. Ants can aslo carry diseases.

Coastal Brown Ants
Coastal Brown ants are light brown in colour and are about half a centimetre long, they are situated in homes and in walls.

Greenhead Ants
Greenhead ants or Green ants are members of the genus Rhytidoponera in the subfamily Ectomminae, these ants measure up to 7mm. The Green ant is known for its painful sting.

Bulldog Ants
The Bulldog ants come in red and black colours and can be very large in size, ranging from 10-15mm. They hold a very painful and aggressive sting, and their habitats are located well underground.

Whitefooted House Ant
The Whitefooted Ant is described as black with white feet and is very small. They live in homes, and in backyards.

Argentine Ants
Argentine Ants are small brown coloured ants, Argentine ants do bite aggressively, but the bite is not painful.

Black House Ants
Black House Ants are small ants that have very thick black texture, it measure 3mm in length and is found in rural and urban areas, often in domestic environments. Their main type of food consists of food that have a sugary taste.

Bull Ants
Bull ants are red and orange coloured ants that are very large in size, and carries a venom loaded sting. They have very sharp eyesight. There are an estimate of 90 species of bull ants in Australia, their habitats include: forests, woodland and rural and urban areas.
Garden Ant
A Garden Ant is a small type of ant that measures 5mm long and has a brown texture. It has no sting, and is situated in backyards and gardens.

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